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Weight Loss Programs

Arrange your appointment today for one of the training and achieve a form that you prefer, and by the way melt the extra pounds.

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Cosmetic services

Indulge your senses and enjoy in many beauty treatments and nourish your skin …

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Let yourself in the experienced hands of our staff and relax your body, mind and spirit…


The treatment of various ailments by pressing certain nerve centers on your spine.

Nutritional counseling

Ask for advice on proper nutrition of our experts, and treat your body better and healthier.

Analysis of body composition

The measurement system for body mass of the complete of your body.

Visit the newly opened salon Alpha et Omega, and use many benefits

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Special offer

Free analysis of body composition

By analyzing the composition of the body and determine the percentage of weight of body fat percentage and weight of muscle mass, water percentage, bone weight, BMI, basal metabolism, the value of daily calories.